American Corn Milling Machine 100T Per 24h
American Corn Milling Machine 100T Per 24h
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Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China american corn milling machine 100t per 24h manufacturers, with advanced factory, we are also a professional Africa american corn milling machine 100t per 24h, corn flour mill, corn flour machine, corn flour mill machine supplier.

American corn milling machine 100T/24h

American corn milling machine 100T/24h,which for milling corn grits,use the automatic roller mill and plansifter. PLC control system with touch screen.

The milling section pipe design is stainless steel.and we supply all the steel platform,and steel pillars.

This is the simple design of the corn milling machine .

When the corn is coming,first need the clean sifter and destoner to clean the maize, after cleaning go to the conditioning,then go to the degerminator to get pure maize grits,then go to the roller mill and plansifter for milling it.

Why buying the corn flour mills  from our factory?

1.Client good feedback,first buy the small capacity of middle capacity,normally after 2years buy the bigger capacity.

       Egypt client 2007buy the 60T/24h  milling machine,2014 buy the 200T/24h milling machine

       Brazil client 2009 buy the 80T/24h milling machine,2014 buy the 250T/24h milling machine

       Zambia client 2013 buy the 50T/24h milling machine,2015 buy another 50T/24h milling machine

2.over sea service center available, 24h after service:

                Lusaka Zambia,Kinshasa RD congo,Addis Ababa Ethiopia,Multan Pakistan

           Durban South Africa,New Delhi India 

3.Warranty 2 years

4.Chinese profesional engineer guide installation and commissioning 


Q1. Does the corn flour  mill line can produce different kind of maize meal,maize flour same time?

Yes,the maize mill line can produce different size maize meal or maize flour at same time at one production line 

Q2. Does the corn flour  mill line can running with Generator? 

Yes,the maize mill line can running with Generator 

Q3. Does the corn flour mills line  packing machine can pack different bags?

Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,12.5kg-25kg,50kg 

Q4. Does the corn flour grinding machine can processing maize and wheat same time? 

No,it is because the maize and wheat  Physical Characteristics is different,like the shape,the hardness,all are different,and the final product flour size is also different. The cleaner,the roller mill