Belize Corn Mill Machine 60T Per 24h
Belize Corn Mill Machine 60T Per 24h
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Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China belize corn mill machine 50t per 24h manufacturers, with advanced factory, we are also a professional Africa belize corn mill machine 50t per 24h, corn milling machine, corn milling equipment supplier.

Belize corn mill machine 60T/24h

In the rural areas meals may be more simplified than in the cities. The Maya use recado, corn or maize for most of their meals, and the Garifuna are fond of seafood, cassava (particularly made into cassava bread or Ereba) and vegetables. 

This 50T per 24h corn mill machine is specially do for corn or maize. Use PLC control system with touch screen .Can operate the corn mill machine with one-touch. More advanced

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Delivery Goods: Provide standard shipping wooden package, full set of equipments photos before and after packing goods.also, full set of shipping documets sent by post.

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     Our products are exported to Australian, America, Canada, Belgium, Egypt, Algeria, Zambia, Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Yemen, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Israel, Mozambique,Kazajastan and other country.



 1.Q: Which kind flour mill you can processed?  And the output ? 

  A: we can offer wheat flour mill and maize / corn flour mill with the capacity 5T/24H ------1000T/24H .

2.Q: what is the basic processing step ? 
  A: Full automatic line : 
    Cleaning the raw material------Milling the material into flour--------Packing the flour into bags.

3.Q:Which kind of wheat we can use in the processing line ?  
  A: Durum wheat,  Hard wheat, Soft wheat

4.Q:Which kind final products we can get form the wheat flour mill?  And the usage of the products ? 
  A: Semolina(very high gluten)-----Pasta 
    Strong flour (gluten >13%)------Bread 
    Plain flour (gluten 9%-12%)-------Noodle,Steamed bread 
    Soft flour (gluten<8%)------Cake ,Biscuit


5.Q :Which kind final products we can get from the maize / corn flour mill ? 
  A: maize flour, maize grits (meal),maize germ, bran and animal fodder.