Maize Wheat Flour Milling Machine Complete Processing Line
Maize Wheat Flour Milling Machine Complete Processing Line
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Maize Wheat Flour Milling Machine Complete Processing Line

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This is our maize milling machines with capacity from 5 to 1500 ton per 24 hours.

Our maize milling machine is a complete line including cleaning, degerminating, milling, packing and controlling systems.

The raw material is corn/maize, and the final product is maize meal, maize grits or super fine maize flour for making ugali, fufu, sadza, posho, banku, kenkey, koko, nguna,etc.

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This is our wheat flour milling machine with capacity from 5 to 1500 ton per 24 hours.

Our wheat flour milling machine is a complete line including cleaning, milling, packing and controlling systems. 

The raw material is hard wheat, soft wheat, durum wheat or common wheat. And the final product is super wheat flour for bakery, cake, biscuit, atta, maida, or semolina for making pasta, etc.


Main Equipments:


1. Cleaner:


Three functions: 1 remove impurities, 2 remove stones, 3 brush maize/wheat


2. Degerminator:


Degerminator is designed to scrub the bran skin from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its gravity, with the minimum, with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragments.


3. Roller Mill:


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Three kinds of roller mill: single roller mill, manual double roller mill and pneumatic roller mill.

Many different types for different demand.


4. Sifter:



5. Packing Machine:


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Packing maize grits, wheat flour, bran, etc.

Struction: e-measurement technology, realized automatically detect weight, automatically measure the number of bags. 

It has different packing weight: 10-25 kg, 25-50 kg.


Company Information

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,LTd.

We are a professional manufacture of wheat flour mill and maize mill.

we provide high quality machine from 5 to 500 ton per day with different design according to our client needs, with European technology,South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill and maize mill plant.
The head office of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is located 4hours driving from Beijing.

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery have more than 30years experience in milling market.

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This is Hongdefa factory for maize/corn/wheat flour milling machine.

Where installed

Where we have installed the maize/wheat/corn flour milling machine?


5ton/24h, 10ton/24h,20tons/24h 30t/24h  flour mill    Zimbabwe2009,2012,2015
RD Congo20112014,
50-80tons/24h flour mill    Malawi2009,2013
RD Congo2010,2014,2015
100tons/24h flour mill South Africa2010,2014
150Ton/24h flour mill Zambia2013
200ton/24h flour millBrazil2010
240ton/24h flour millAngola2016
300ton/24h flour millAfghanistan2014
500Ton/24h flour millSouth africa 2012,2013,2014 

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  • These are all certificates of Hongdefa company for maize/corn/wheat flour milling machine.

  • ISO, CE, BV, SGS or any other certificate required.

  • High quality assured, customers at ease to buy.

Contact Information

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  • After-sale service is available.

  • We can online 24 hours to provide customers with good flour milling machine detailed consultation.

  • If you are interested in our maize/corn/wheat flour mill machine, pls contact me freely.