Capsule filler panels coloring page what is it?

By quality plexiglass board processing and into of oriented arranged disc, and Cap Board, and middle Board, and body Board, and enclosed powder Board composition, color light, and toughness good, and material thick, and can heated disinfection, is imitation mechanical arranged design, arranged speed fast, and automatically arranged rate high, implemented whole Board arranged, and whole Board filling, and whole Board Cap (without a a emissions capsule, and without individually Cap lock collection), powder filling fast convenient, size precision, and using simple, and filling, and loaded volume uniform, rate high (up 99.8% above sets collection), than traditional capsule fill board (Hand-CAP) efficiency about 10 times, avoid direct contact with the capsule and powder with your hands, can more effectively address the problem of weight differences and drug losses minimal, manual is currently the best capsule filling equipment.