Cleaning machines in maize/wheat flour milling line

As a complete line of maize/wheat flour mill, there must be a cleaning procedure. There are many cleaning equipment in cleaning system. Here introduce some main machines below:

  1. Vibrate sifter

The wheat/maize flow into the first sieve surface through feeding entrance. Inside this surface, large impurity on the upper sieve is discharged to the hopper. The wheat/maize through first sieve surface to the second sieve surface for continual filter. The small impurity is discharged on the soleplate straightly, the clean stock on the upper sieve surface come to the discharging hopper through the suction road.

It is widely used in middle and big capacity flour milling machine, mostly capacities bigger than 50 Ton per day.

2. Destoner

Destoner is applied for efficient separation of stones and pebbles, glass, and other high-density matter from the stream of grain. The destoner is also used to process rye, rice, and soybeans. High separating efficiency– excellent grain cleaning.

It is widely used in small and middle scale flour milling line, such as 20T, 30T, 50T capacities.


The scourer is primarily designed for applications in the first and second cleaning section for the surface treatment of wheat, durum and rye:---for removing impurities and adhering contamination (dust, sand, earth lumps, small seeds, etc.) --- for improving product sanitation by reducing the microbe count (bacteria) and the insect and insect fragment count (filth count). Mode of operation: the grain is fed tangentially to and the insect and insect fragment count (filth count). Mode of operation: the grain is fed tangentially to the horizontal special-designed rotor. Intensive scouring of the product is achieved by the interaction between the 1) rotor warts and screen jacket 2) fixed and moving wart plates 3) rotating and stationary conveying channels.

4. Gravity classification stoner

It is multifunctional as vibrate sifter, destoner and scourer. It's widely used in small and middle flour milling lines like 10-50 ton per day.

First, what is looks inside functions from front side

Second, what is looks like and functions from back side

Third, Brushing bran to improve flour extraction

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