Economic situation of Chinese Agriculture

As a manufacturer of maize and wheat flour milling machines, we are closely related with agriculture. So we must keep an eye on economic situation changes of agriculture.

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Since February, the agricultural sector at all levels to focus on agricultural supply side structural reform of the main line, pay close attention to the tube plowing stability in production to strengthen services, guide and promote the adjustment, strengthen the monitoring and management to ensure safety, maintain stable operation of agriculture and the rural economy development, showing good crop planting intentions, tuning, market ample supply situation.

Summer grain growth. The soil moisture is generally suitable temperature higher than in previous years, adequate light, green, safe winter wheat belt after reviving jointing, growing well. According to the Ministry of agriculture monitoring, a kind of winter wheat seedlings accounted for the increase, more than two types of seedlings accounted for 84.8%, especially for wheat in Jianghuai area, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, Jiangsu of Anhui Province, three kinds of wheat seedlings were compared before winter were reduced by 15.9 and 5.6 percentage points. According to the reports of rape producing areas, large areas of normal growth and good before winter.

Farmers planting intentions steady optimization. According to the Ministry of agriculture by scheduling, formation mechanism reform and storage system to comprehensively promote the impact of agricultural product price this year, planting structure optimization trend is more obvious, high quality rice and special rice planting scale, maize grain area further reduced, area of soybean, grains and beans and potato crops increase. According to the four northeastern provinces (regions) survey of 382 households in 57 counties, corn planting area of 186 thousand acres, down more than 20%, mainly to high protein soybean, which adjust the size of household intention more strongly.

Aquaculture production is relatively stable. Pig grain ratio remained at 9.5:1, the benefit is still good, but the transfer of capacity to continue to take time. According to monitoring, in February to reduce the number of pig herds 0.2%, sows herds can be reduced by 0.5%. Egg production relative surplus, egg production increased by 5.7%. Fisheries ecology and conservation of resources significantly afterburner, the output growth rate slowed down, 1-2 month total domestic aquatic products 8 million 466 thousand and 100 tons, an increase of 1.9%, the growth rate dropped nearly 1 percentage points. Actively carry out epidemic prevention in various regions of the spring, increase prevention and control efforts, the overall stability of the epidemic.

Agricultural prices fell significantly. Wholesale price index of agricultural products was 108.6, a decline of 1.6%, down by 12.7%; basket of products wholesale price index was, a decline of 1.8%, down by 14.5%. Among them, the monthly average price of grain of rice, wheat, corn three were flat edged; cotton prices decreased slightly after again following the January rally, rose 1.2%. Affected by the weakening of the festive season and other factors, the price of eggs decreased by 12.4%, the average monthly wholesale price of $5.84 / kg, the main province of fresh milk price of 3.54 yuan / kg, after a slight rise in the second half of the month after a steady rise in 5 months. Affected by the supply of vegetables in southern and northern markets over the same period increased significantly, vegetable prices fell significantly, the Ministry of agriculture key monitoring 28 kinds of vegetables, the average monthly price fell by 4.4%, down by 22.6%.

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The trade of agricultural products import and export volume growth. According to the General Administration of customs statistics, in January China's agricultural exports 6 billion 500 million U.S. dollars, an increase of $10 billion 250 million, imports of $3%, an increase of 14.4%. Among them, the domestic wheat supply and demand deposits, wheat imports grew nearly 40%, imports reached 340 thousand tons; the low price driven, soybean imports surged by 35.3%, imports reached 7 million 655 thousand tons; by ruminant animal husbandry, accelerate the development of milk consumption confidence of beef and mutton, milk powder imports overall reduction that year decreased 20%, 23.4% and 8.5%. Vegetable aquatic products continue to maintain a surplus, net exports reached $2 billion 560 million, an increase of 13.1%.

Looking forward to the next period of time, the agricultural and rural economy to maintain a smooth running posture, but still need to focus on three aspects. One is to catch the spring plowing. Need to release policy signals as soon as possible, to improve agricultural supply, financial credit, market information, technical guidance services, to ensure the spring plowing smoothly. Two is to strengthen production management. To ensure the prevention and control of Wheat Sheath Blight, wheat stripe rust, and other pests and weeds, strengthen the management of water and fertilizer; spring is the animal disease prone season, the risk of sporadic outbreaks still exist in some areas, need to accelerate spring immunity, strengthen the farms (households) epidemic prevention supervision. Three is a reasonable guide consumption. The poultry product consumer downturn phenomenon, to actively promote the prevention and control of H7N9 and consumption of poultry products knowledge; in some areas, it is difficult to sell vegetables unmarketable vegetable base wound phenomenon, to strengthen market information, to guide the production and marketing.