Explain the knowledge of small corn mill

It is well known that throughout the processing technology of corn, corn mill was operating devices more frequently. Corn processing operating state as a whole is ideal, with large corn mill operation.
Corn mill of MDDk mill, it is usually applied to large and medium sized food processing plants, is a higher degree of automation equipment.
Also there is a corn mill of FMFQ flour milling machine, it is a large and medium grinding equipment, is also very widely used. A corn mill was a small corn mill. Today we look at small mill.
Typically, roller length in 500mm the following for small Mills, double and single in two classes. Device structure is usually simple. Equipment is small, most of its rolling distance adjusting mechanism and the feed mechanism with manual control, advance and retreat few device adopts pneumatic control roller. Such small corn mill include small and medium sized flour mill or milling machine.