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China is not only the home of Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo cultivation, search and Dafeng PRIVET base using Ginkgo Biloba and study the earliest and one of the richest countries. Since time immemorial, whether Ginkgo biloba cultivation area, Ginkgo production, China ranked first in the world. From the age of ancient Ginkgo biloba tree, Ginkgo biloba planted between the Shang and Zhou, China.
Ginkgo biloba is unique and rich resources of economic plant in China. Using Ginkgo fruit leaves of effective chemical components and special medicine health role processing production health food, drug and cosmetics, are caused both at home and abroad research, and development, and production units of attention, States many enterprise competing development production to Ginkgo for raw materials of natural green products, alternative on human health has larger side effects of synthesis chemicals, to for China of Ginkgo resources of utilization opened has very broad of prospects, quickly improve has Ginkgo of using value and on economic, and social and ecological of effect.