Grain mill heat do?

Grain mill in the normal use of the heating problems in the process, many clients and I talked about this issue, that their grain mill for some time is me hot. I heard also attaches great importance to, and research on this issue. Found that the problem appeared in the mill, now I'm going to say something about the issue for everyone.
We all know that grain mill ground into particles of material you need powder is by means of two grinding, grinding work process due and materials in contact with will generate heat. The heat, there is no way to avoid, grinding and finer, the more heat generated. Appears it is friction generates heat, but also the structure of the grain mill a knotty problem. Fortunately, this does not affect the use at home. Reimah machine small series was also released on Lei Maixin developed water-cooled grain mills, cooling effect is very powerful!
The heat cannot be avoided but can you try and get him to reduce it, reimah mechanical team and later a more in-depth study on the issue, found that some of the methods are feasible. Can add on the grinding blade, for example, was one of the two above, into three. Like the cooling fan motor, after I did the experiment in this way is indeed feasible, wind generated by smear the heat generated by grinding away, a lot better than using a blade, grinder chamber temperature down. That is also when buying grain mill will see some manufacturers will use three blade, as well as with a, and it is for this reason. Is a smear of the manufacturers did not find whole grains grinder heat this question? Or they may not know it. Added a three-blade is good for cooling, but also create other problems, wind also has a bad side, because the machine is grinding mill, powder when the wind blew, that is with three blade powder will be blown away by some.