How to select a grinder

Tips for selecting the right Grinder:
1, if you choose to crush herbs, the preferred air separation mill of traditional Chinese medicine or herbal grinder set, its advantages on a variety of Chinese medicines can be crushed;
2, if you are crushing brittle, hard type of traditional Chinese medicine, was less, but dozens of grams to several kilograms, you can select low noise, small size and high speed grinder grinder;
3, if you request a unified uniform fineness, need low noise Crusher;
4, as there can be no loss of your drugs, need to use small high speed grinder;
5, yield large, select universal mill;
6, if you choose to crush Western, Pearl, chemical raw materials, foodstuffs, raw materials, minerals, soil, coal and other materials can be selected for low noise crusher, small size and high speed grinder, universal grinder or Crusher;