Interpretation: the latest multifunctional pill-making machine

Multifunctional pill-making machine is developed by our company based on the LD-88 series of new pill-making machine, the pill-making machine
(1) small volume;
(2) light weight;
(3) stable;
(4) simple operation;
(5) easy to clean;
(6) the provincial electrical safety;
(7) low noise;
(8) styling beautiful, while can do different diameter of two species pills, solution has general small business pills machine only do a diameter pills of technology defects, the small business pills machine also has drying coating, function, makes its applies of range more widely, as personal, and hospital, and private clinic, and pharmacy (room), and pharmaceutical laboratory, and school teaching, and precious tonic site processing sales points and the food processing pills-like food development,

Multifunctional pill-making machine technical parameters
Specification: 3-12 mm (optional two sizes).
Production capacity: 2-15kg/h (6mm for example).
Output power: 0.18KW (engine power), 1KW (electric power)
Motor voltage: 220V, 50HZ
Motor speed: 1440 Rev/min working speed: 50 cycles/min
Overall dimensions: 550x330x250mm
Weight: 35kg

Structural characteristics
The machine consists of two parts pelleting and high voltage, high-voltage out of less viscous materials can be more viscous, squeezing out uniform drug, is not easy to loose, this business out of the pill, smooth, moist, slow disintegration, drug and lasting. Pill two pill rollers at the same time can do two different diameters of pellets, making it small pill-making machine than ordinary more diverse in structure.