Main equipments of maize milling machine---degerminator


The degerminator can “scrub” the maize skin from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragment.

As the equipment for corn germs and corn endosperm separating, it can improve corn products quality and corn auxiliary products value. Degerminated kernels with low fat content.

We have two types of maize degerminators: vertical and horizontal.

Horizontal type degerminator:

detailed show

The degerminator can be operated easily to get the best effect you need.

Inside of the horizontal degerminator show.

Vertical type degerminator

detailed show of vertical degerminator

We can run the degerminator to show clients how it works and the effect it can get.

Parts of degerminator:

Maize degerminator features:

Maize degerminator adopts dry method degermination with low fat content and reduces energy consumption and equipment cost.

Maize degerminator doesn’t need grain moisturing or water in dry method degermination. Compared with wet method, it is much more sanitary.

Maize degerminator doesn’t need steam for tempering in advance so as to save lots of cost.

Effect of degerminator can get:

This is maize without germ. We can do different sizes of maize grits according to your requirement.

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