Maize Flour Processing Flow Introduction

First, corn flour processing equipment in addition to the process of impurity.

Corn grain by the feeding hole, put on flow inlet baffle control, corn grain by the bucket hoist into Stoner, corn after the first sieve, sieve impurity than corn small sand and other impurities by the slag outlet, filtered into corn coarse sieve impurities selected corncob large particles than corn grain, impurities by the slag outlet, and the sun is connected with fan, the fan 1 effects can be lighter impurities out in corn grain, suck out the impurities are discharged by centrifugal sedimentation. With the selected corn by the outlet sent into spiral conveyor, flow and further screening dust and other small particles of impurities in the auger conveyor. Through the screw conveyor, corn into the water in a machine, water machine, water is corn and stir. The corn grain that has reached the requirement of water is transported to the storage tank temporarily with the lifting machine, and the purpose is to ensure that the discharge is uniform during the next step.

Second, corn flour processing equipment initially broken, the selection of embryos.

From feeding to the corn grain into the storage tube, the machine can be intermittent operation, boot or not to the remaining corn grain number in the storage cylinder as the standard, when the number of corn grain dropped to the glass window can be turned on and feeding. The cylinder outlet baffle, adjustable discharge flow, corn grain by the outlet flow into the slag breaking machine, corn was initially broken, part of the skin with corn germ separation, then broken corn in the elevator's function was sent to the embryo selecting machine, in the embryo machine. Separation of corn skin and corn germ, different from the discharge port, at the same time, choose the embryo set-top is connected with the fan 2, under the action of the fan, part of the light impurity is sucked out. From selected embryo machine embryos of maize embryos and the suction fan 3 under the action of being transported into the mill in 1. Pick out from corn embryo machine Pikou skin and broken into 2 mills in embryo.

Third, corn flour processing equipment product classification.

No. 1 and No. 2 mill processing of corn flour through the suction fan 3 is transported into the No. 1 double chamber sieve for sieving, grading discharge reached the standard of corn powder in the suction fan under 4, and then weighing bagging. But did not reach the standard grinding corn flour from the double sieve out warehouse transport by the suction fan 3 to 3 mills in further ground, discharging in the suction fan 3 under the action of being transported into the No. 2 double chamber sieve classification standard of corn flour by No. 4 suction fan transported to the outlet discharge classification. Substandard corn flour into No. 4 mill screening in the No. 3 suction fan effect, after processing, corn flour was again transported into the No. 2 double chamber sieve screening, after processing the corn flour circulation, reached the different classification standard, according to the powder content and particle size of corn, corn flour was divided into 4 levels, the first level and second level mainly for corn skin and a small amount of corn flour, feed, third level fourth for corn flour for food use.