Maize Milling Machine in RD Congo

RD Congo have a big market for maize flour milling machines.

There are two main cities in RD Congo: Kinshasa and Lubumbashi.

In Kinshasa area, market for maize products mainly fine flour, local called Farine. The final market need flour is pure white and fine.

In Lubumbashi area, people have familiar living habit with Zambia, so they like fine meal called Semoule, the fineness is bigger than flour, in pure good quality.

We design the maize flour milling machines for RD Congo market, will be customized project depend on client local needs. 

And  maize mills import to to RD Congo, the clients need the BV  inspection certificate and FIRE certificate to clear the customs.

Normally client will apply the BV inspection when after ordered the maize mill  line, they will take the Proforma Invoice/contract to apply the BV inspection from local BV office, then in China BV office, the officer will advise us to do this inspection.

When our maize milling machine finished production and before load the goods for client, we will invite the BV inspector to visit our factory, check the maize mill’s quality and watch us loading the goods and final seal by their BV sealer. The BV certificate will directly to give to our clients.

The after we get detail shipping documents, we will do the FIRE for clients, it’s a documents that tracking the ship where the machine arrived.

We are professional factory in the maize milling field and we have export maize milling machine more than 15 years to RD Congo.welcome consult us for more details about our machines.