Powder pressure films plane

Pressure machine in the dust problem in the compression process, this is the urgent need to address the problem. Today, the domestic high-speed torsion type Tablet press and sieving machine dust produced during the production run, General special-purpose vacuum cleaner supply vacuum suction to lift it.

Tablet presses pollution one of the first announcements was the lubrication system unfair, did not fully consider the special pharmaceutical equipment, equipment lubrication amount taken liquid lubricant and seal well, drugs are often caused by pollution. Equipment manufacturers can consider adding grease lubrication in time to the Tablet press Assembly or adopt reliable sealing system, to reduce or eliminate pollution of lubricant on the drug.

Tablet device cleaning is difficult, online cleaning cannot be achieved. On the cleaner must not only be removed when punching, punching, mode, and it is not easily removed, cleaning the corners. And foreign pressure machine can realize rapid load and unload and line cleaning. With a few things, dispensing a few parts can quick and convenient parts of the installation need to be cleaned. Some tablet presses turntable change had also been taken to achieve a quick cleaning. Domestic pressure machine should also be improved in this respect.