The impact of technology of wheat flour milling machine

The impact of technology of wheat flour milling machine

There are so many flour milling machine manufacturers and suppliers for clients to choose. But do you know how to choose? Do you know how important the technology of the wheat flour milling is?

Wheat processing technology has a significant impact on flour pink, thickness, and starch damage, which will affect the food sensory and texture indicators. Flour quality characteristics of different process systems vary, studies show that the protein content of the flour with near inner endosperm was gradually decreased, the characteristics of the endosperm cortex near the high index of flour gluten index and dough rheological properties of wheat flour, starch and total halo amylose content increased gradually with endosperm near the inside pasting viscosity value increases. The flour yield was different, and the difference of flour quality was obviously increased with the increase of flour yield, the water absorption rate, the formation time and the quality of flour.

Now you must know how important it is to choose a professional manufacturer of wheat flour milling machine. It's much better that client can work with an experienced and professional supplier who have advanced technology to do the wheat mill. 

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