What difference does dry grinding and wet grinding

Dry grinding and wet grinding what is the difference?
First, dry grinding
Crush the material moisture content in 4% to the following crushing called dry grinding. Its characteristics are:
(1) treatment of materials and products are drying.
(2) shattered, be equipped with a dust collection equipment, so as to avoid dust.
(3) in the fine grinding mill low efficiency.
(4) when its moisture content exceeds the quantitative, and particle bonding, efficiency decreases.
(5) which is excluded from the mill of fine particles more difficult (commonly air puff excluded)
Second, wet grinding
The moisture content of the material to be crushed is above 50%, and crush the liquid called wet grinding. Its characteristics are:
(1) for wet items can be handled directly, without drying.
(2) the crushed materials excluding facilities, high crushing efficiency, and transportation.
(3) operation places there is no dust.
(4) the particle is relatively simple.
(5) against wet or very water soluble substances cannot be used in this way.
(6) broke into the material needed drying equipment.