Why choose an automatic machine

Is the end of the traditional "cauldron boil", and is a popular "machine fried" good? The decoction of Chinese medicine is a very important part, automatic boiling quality relates to the patient's treatment. So, what traditional Chinese medicine is the traditional "cauldron boil", and is a popular "machine fried" good? Let us compare the in several ways, we know where we are.
1. health indicators
Pot boiling the whole process is conducted in an open, liquid easily contaminated, storing easily after fermentation and mildew, and stored and transported, liquid quality control and machine combined with the packaging machine, boiling and package is for a closed process, reduce pollution, packaging bag using sterile, nontoxic, materials, in good health.
2. the rate of effective ingredients
For roots leaves, General herbs, boiling machine and artificial boiling difference is unlikely to; and for containing volatile sex components of drug, due to boiling machine is in closed of situation Xia fried Cook, easily volatile, machine fried to than traditional method effective components content high some; also some mineral, and shells class texture solid of herbs, in boiling machine of high temperature high pressure Xia, more easy improve fried out rate, so this class drug, machine boiling also to than artificial boiling effective components content high.
3. the impurities content
Solution machine for liquid, through the filter gauze bag and packaging machines available, for sediment and particulate filter more thoroughly. Traditional decocting method, due to boiling levels and methods of operation are different, some action filters are not complete, some people also eliminates the need to filter processes, therefore, boiling for impurities in the control of the machine is more stable. In addition, traditional decocting method exposed to the air to operate, prone to oxidation of drugs, boiling machine relative to traditional decocting method was boiling in a sealing machine, reduces the oxidation reaction. This is the reason why people think frying the machine liquid lighter