Namibia Maize Flour Milling Machine 60T Per day
Namibia Maize Flour Milling Machine 60T Per day
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Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China namibia maize flour milling machine 60t per day manufacturers, with advanced factory, we are also a professional Africa namibia maize flour milling machine 60t per day, maize milling equipment supplier.

Namibia maize flour machine 60T/D

Maize flour machine capacity:60T per day, processing maize

Structure:Steel structure

PiPe:in maize flour system is stainless steel

Control system:central control , can operate at the control room

Final products:Maize meal/maize flour/Bran/Germ

Container:40 *2+20 *1

Mielie pap(maize meal):is well know traditional porridge made from maize meal also part of the Bantu inhabitants  tradition in South Africa.This is mainly the staple food of the Oshiwambo community,but is enjoyed by most ethnic groups of Namibia.The word  pap  stems from Dutch,which means  porridge . IT can be make into very thick consistency and can be eaten with the hand.It usually accompanied braai s(barbecues),or is served with a meat dish and tomoto and onion stew

Maize flour milling machine can produce different maize meal

This is the flow sheet of the maize flour milling machine

About our factory for Maize Flour Milling Machines

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,LTd

China Hongdefa was established in 2002,more than 300 employees.Have operation mills more than 30countries,Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,South Africa,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Ethiopia,Brazil, Egypt, Algeria,etc. Hongdefa has 3branch office in Africa,Lusaka/Zambia, Kinshasa/RD Congo,Addis Ababa/Ethiopia,the main factory located in Shijiazhuang,China.The milling machine has obtained CE certification,ISO9000 certification,SGS certification,BV certification. Maize milling machine unique flow sheet,one set machine can processing 3 kinds of maize products,sifter super white maize meal,partly sifted flour,whole meal. Wheat flour mill is specially designed for hard wheat,soft wheat or mixed wheat,can processing bread flour,cake flour,semolina etc.

for years supply maize flour machines, we have get many affirmations from all over the world and also we get many certificates to encourage us do more good quality machines.

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