Zimbabwe Maize Flour Process Plant 80T Per Day
Zimbabwe Maize Flour Process Plant 80T Per Day
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Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China zimbabwe maize flour process 80t per d manufacturers, with advanced factory, we are also a professional Africa zimbabwe maize flour process 80t per d, maize milling machine, maize grinder machine supplier.

Zimbabwe maize flour process 80T/D

The staple food of Zimbabwe is Sadza,which is served in traditional families with almost every meal(Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner). Hongdefa Maize flour process machine is to milling the maize to high quality maize meal,the maize meal can do white Sadza

The maize flour process including maize cleaning,which will clean the surface of the maize,make the dirty out, then degerminating it, the degernimating system is to scrap the maize skin and maize germ out,and when milling,it is just the super white maize endosperm,can get super white maize meal, then can do the white Sadza.

80T/D maize flour process, which process maize 80T per 24h

Electricity request:380-450V  3phase  50Hz/60Hz

Final products:maize meal/maize flour/Bran/Germ

(Degermed/part degermed/whole maize meal )



Pipe in milling section:stainless steel

Control:Central control system

Sadza is the shona word to describe a thickened porridge prepared from any grain and therefore similar to the Ugali of Eastern Africa and Fufu of West Africa. the most common staple food in Zimbabwe is a typical african maize flour(corn meal) mixture called Sadza.Which is served in traditional families with almost every meal (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) and can be served with different vegetables or meats.

The only neccesairy ingredient for Sadza is white maize meal (if not available any other farina or corn meal will do)

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China Hongdefa was established in 2002,more than 300 employees.Have operation mills more than 30countries,Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,South Africa,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Ethiopia,Brazil, Egypt, Algeria,etc. 

Hongdefa has 3branch office in Africa,Lusaka/Zambia, Kinshasa/RD Congo,Addis Ababa/Ethiopia,the main factory located in Shijiazhuang,China.The milling machine has obtained CE certification,ISO9000 certification,SGS certification,BV certification. M

aize milling machine unique flow sheet,one set machine can processing 3 kinds of maize products,sifter super white maize meal,partly sifted flour,whole meal. 

Wheat flour mill is specially designed for hard wheat,soft wheat or mixed wheat,can processing bread flour,cake flour,semolina etc.

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