30 Days, A 30T Maize Milling Machine For Uganda Client Start To Run!

26th-Feb, 2016, Our engineer back to Beijing air port after his 30 days work in Uganda, from 25th-Jan, 2016.

As well known, 7th-Feb is our traditioanl fastival: the Sprting festival, is the most important festival that all Chinese  will have a holiday and go back hometown to Family Reunion.

but the client need us install the machine as soon as possible cause he have already get lots maize to process and also booked the  flour contract with a supermarket.

In order to hlep our client get profit as soon as possible, our company consider the clients needs, descide to install the machine for our client, we  asked the engineers and Mr  Guo would like to install the machine for client o even he can't together with his family.

after 30 days hard work, the machine have started to produce the flour, and the workers there have the basic skill to  maintain the machines, he back to China.

welcome our engineer back!