Anogla Client Visit Our Factory For 10T/24H Maize/cassava Milling Mchine

Angola client visit our factory for Maize/Cassava flour milling machine

On 29th Oct, the Angola client visit our factory, as we have talked before the 10T maize/cassava milling machine.

In our factory, we have running maize/cassava milling machine, we bring client see the machines, client asked us every parts working and also checked the final flour quality, he really satisfied with our machines. Then placed the order and after one month, we will load this 10T/24H maize/cassava milling machine.

As our machine is a advanced machine that can mill the maize and cassava both in good quality, it attract the client a lots. Cause normally the professional industrial grain milling machine just can mill one kind of grain, but our machine, adopt latest new design, not only can mill the two kinds of flour, but also can mill the flour in very good quality.

Our machines are suitable for Africa market. Last month, we jsut load the 240T/24H maize milling machine for an Angola client ,  on 5th Nov, the machine will arrive to Cabinda.

This machine is specially suitable for farm using and new starter. It in a small capacity with less investment, and it’s a good machine to have the professional products.

Freely contact with us about this machine.