Attending Serbia Exhibition For Developing Our Grain Flour Milling Machine Business

Attending Serbia Exhibition for developing our grain flour milling machine business

Serbia is a landlocked country in Southeast Europe, in the central part of the Balkan peninsula. Serbia is known as the crossroads of Europe and is the only way to connect Europe and Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Serbia has a total area of 88361 square kilometers (including Kosovo), the capital of Belgrade. On the border with the Republic of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, Europe's second largest river flows through the territory of the The Danube in 1/5.


Serbia's economy has seen rapid growth in recent years (with an economic growth rate of 6.3% in 2006), which is known as "the Balkans"". Its economy is based on services, in 2008, the service sector accounted for 63% of GDP. Football is the most popular sport in Serbia.

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Serbia's total population of 7 million 130 thousand (2014), is a multi-ethnic country, the population of 83.3% (excluding Kosovo) is a Serbia family, the rest of Hungarian nationality, Bosnian Croats, ethnic Roma and Slovakia and etc.


Agriculture plays an important role in the economy. Fertile land, adequate rainfall, good agricultural production conditions. Agricultural land 5 million 120 thousand hectares, accounting for about 66% of the land area, mainly concentrated in the northern Vojvodina plain and central. Agricultural land area of 4 million 240 thousand hectares of arable land, of which arable land of 3 million 330 thousand hectares, orchards of 239 thousand hectares, vineyards, 64 thousand hectares, grassland, 609 thousand hectares. A large number of corn and wheat grain exports every year.

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Friendly relationship with China

Serbia was the first European country to sign up to china. China and the former Yugoslavia and Serbia, in fact, are very closely related in history, and the two countries have a very friendly and traditional one.

On June 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks in Belgrade with President Nikolic of Serbia. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on bilateral relations and other issues of common concern and reached broad consensus. The two heads of state unanimously decided to promote bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership to promote bilateral relations to a new level.

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The two sides agreed to jointly promote the "The Belt and Road construction, strengthen Serbia's national development strategy with" The Belt and Road "construction and China - Central and Eastern European countries docking cooperation, to build a The Belt and Road" to implement specific projects.

Nikolic awarded the highest level medal in Serbia, "the first class Medal of honor", thanks to the Xijinping's outstanding contribution made by the development of the relationship between China and Serbia.

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Economic and trade cooperation between China and Serbia

Bilateral trade volume in 2015 was $549 million, an increase of 2.2% over the previous year. Among them, China exported $420 million, down 2.2%; imports $130 million, an increase of 18.8%. 2016 1-4 months, bilateral trade volume $176 million, down 1.9%. Among them, China exported $121 million, down 9.2%; imports $55 million, an increase of 19.1%. China's main export of mechanical and electrical products, footwear, vehicles and spare parts, iron and steel products, textiles, etc.

At the end of April 2016, China's total investment of 85 million 510 thousand dollars in the plug, plug in China a total investment of $34 million 460 thousand. China's enterprises in the project completed a total of $750 million contract turnover.

Our business objective

Based on these good conditions, as professional and experienced manufacturer of maize meal grinding line and wheat flour milling plants, we Hongdefa Machinery made a great decision that we will expand our business to Serbia even Europe. We believe our company will become more and more powerful, and will surely make a great effort to good economic relationship between China and Serbia!

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Firstly we are going to attend the exhibition in Serbia next week. During that time, our team will try to know more about Serbia, to get ready for our business expansion.

Name: International Agricultural Fair

Time: 15th, May -- 18th, May 2017

Address: Hall 4, Novi Sad Fairground, Sebia, 21000 Novi Sad, Hajduk Veljkova 11

Look forward to meeting you there and talk face to face about our grain maize mill machines and wheat flour milling plants.

Thank you!