Bun Machine Features

1 bun machine material:
Regular factory bun machine used in GB 304 stainless steel material, body parts all stainless steel, durable long, high corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.
2 bun machine control systems:
Ye Chang-bun machine-automatic CNC surface and filling transfer system provides basic hardware support ye Chang-bun bun machine manufacturers encoding machine control system reconstruction, upgrade to run more efficient, more powerful, running the hyper-stable system.
Precision molding and bun machine for the 3 systems:
Ye Chang-bun machine disk stepless variable frequency speed regulating, cutting edge material adopts poly four Buddha, with health, wear resistance strong, small voice; double Auger system for fast, speed stable, appear uniform in size;
4 formal bun bun-produced features:
Oven-bag neat, white soft, looks like mist bud chrysanthemum, cool eye comfort, bite, oil and bark, sweet but not too sweet, delicious haunt, evoke endless appetite and ensure customer appetites. Die bun does not appear, open, threadbare, not baking.