Chinese College Entrance Examination Hold On Today!

The college entrance examination is hold on today and tomorrow. Is the largest examination in China.

Nice years ago, today i attend this examination, then, after days nervous, I got the score, final go to my university, choose my lovest major: International trade major.

Today I am a sales manager in Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd and specially export wheat flour milling machines and maize milling machines to all over the world.

Many people said, the examination is unfair, how it can decide ones fate just trough a examination. But I want to say, its not just a easy examination, but need you to do your best, fit your body, exercise will, firm belief, believe in yourself, then you can have the chance to get good score to choose the university you like.

Actually. The examination is just a examination, how your future are, is decide by yourself.

So work hard, for the beautiful future!

Our factory always do our best to supply best quality wheat and maize milling machines for our client, we are fight for our beautiful tomorrow!