Chinese New Year Holiday Inform

Chinese New Year Holiday Inform

As the biggest festival and celebration for all Chinese --- Chinese new year is coming (28th Jan, 2017), all factories and companies are off work.
Here inform that we are going to have a holiday from 24th Jan to 5th Feb
During the holiday time, reply may not be timely but we will response as early as possible.

Thank you all our esteemed clients, for your support and trust in 2016.
We are sure to work harder and give back better quality and service to all esteemed clients in the new year 2017!

Still, any question about the maize milling machine or wheat flour milling machine, please ask freely.
Thank you all.

PS: Chinese New Year--Spring Festival Brief Introduction

Chinese people have more than 4000 years of history of the spring festival.

During the Spring Festival, China's Han and some ethnic minorities have a variety of celebrations. These activities are to worship ancestral gods, worshiping ancestors, pursuit happiness, pray for a good harvest as the main content, form rich and colorful, with strong ethnic characteristics.

All Chinese people come back home on the Spring Festival as much as possible to reunite with their loved ones, to express the hope for the coming year and the new year's good wishes.

The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation, but also an important carrier for the Chinese people to release their emotions and psychological demands.