CNC Milling Machine Types For Many Years End-milling Manufacturing Experts To Answer Your Questions

① knee type milling machine: universal type, horizontal and vertical, and is mainly used for processing small and medium parts, the most widely used.
② gantry milling machine: including gantry milling machine milling planer and double column milling machine, used for machining large parts.
③ single column milling machine and single-arm milling machine: horizontal milling head can move along the column of the former, work table longitudinal feeding; the latter's vertical milling head can be moved along the cantilever rail level, cantilevered along the column to adjust the height. Both are used for machining large parts.
Black bed-milling machine: ju both bench and a round table, is between lifting platform milling machine and the milling of a medium size milling machine. Movement in the vertical direction by the milling head movements at the post to complete.
⑤ instrument milling machine: a small knee type milling machine for machining instruments and other small parts.