Gray Sky - Haze

November 7, China's winter solstice, winter quietly came. The temperature of the weather has 

dropped and people's clothes are increasing. With the cold weather, Shijiazhuang haze has gradually

 appeared in people's eyes.

Footsteps hurry in the fog enveloped the huge cage, the busy road full of car Ming, turbid air is 

impetuous flavor. Haze, is also the soul of the gloomy, desire congestion.

Haze, as the name suggests is a fog and haze. Fog is an aerosol system consisting of a large number

 of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in near-surface air. Haze, also known as haze 

(smoke) dust in the air, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, organic hydrocarbons and other particles can 

also make the atmosphere turbid.

Haze is an atmospheric pollution state, haze is a variety of suspended particulate matter in the 

atmosphere exceeded the general expression, especially PM2.5 (aerodynamic equivalent diameter less

 than or equal to 2.5 micron particles) is considered to be caused by haze The "culprit" of the

 weather. With the deterioration of air quality, haze weather phenomenon increased, increasing the 

harm. Many regions in China combined haze weather phenomena into the fog as a severe weather 

warning and forecast.

Haze on human health hazards. Since particulate haze of small particles of 0.01 microns in diameter

 or less general diameter, you can go directly through the bronchial respiratory system, or even 

the lungs. Therefore, the greatest impact of haze is the human respiratory system, causing diseases

 mainly in respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular disease, nasal inflammation and other diseases. 

At the same time, the haze weather, air pressure, air inhalable particulate matter, air mobility 

is poor, harmful bacteria and viruses spread to the surrounding slow down, resulting in increased

 airborne virus concentration, the risk of disease transmission is high.

Shijiazhuang government to take the line, close the factory and other measures, people who travel

 to bring the anti-fog haze masks, if you come to Shijiazhuang to visit our factory, please keep

 warm, we have prepared a mask for you.

overnance of haze has also become a major event, we should learn from foreign experience combined with their own conditions, sort out the applicable governance programs in China. Let the gray sky disappear in our line of sight.