Gypsum Raymond Mill Technology And Application

Plaster is widely useful chemicals, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food, according to the different application of gypsum, gypsum Raymond mill milling process can be divided into two categories: production line of gypsum production line, gypsum. For example gypsum in building industry of application, as now building industry in the new environmental material, quality light, and noise, and stability good, with gypsum powder made of gypsum board in building market Shang very of sold, common of gypsum board has paper, and fiber, and decorative, and hollow article Board, four species type, gypsum in processing making Qian to first after Raymond mill, mill machine processing processing, is industry in the often mentioned of gypsum mill line.

Gypsum Raymond mill mill process probably by following several part composition, vibration to material machine-Belt conveying machine-jaw type broken machine-bucket type upgrade machine-health gypsum material warehouse-electromagnetic vibration to material machine-mill machine-material warehouse-thermal conductivity oil furnace-boiling furnace-dust collector-upgrade machine-finished material warehouse, composition, whole mill process close connected, tie work, let gypsum ore completed package mill processing process. Market the gypsum mill process automation capability, the whole line just a few people can complete milling process, compared with the early flour milling industry, advanced technology a lot, automation and machine control to a more uniform, orderly, and grinding is more efficient. Grinding technology of gypsum powder and other ore, principles are pretty much the same, according to hardness, size and other physical properties are different, the mining equipment can be fitted with slightly different.

Gypsum in construction, building materials on the most widely used, for example, we mentioned the drywall, there is also production of cement, concrete, paint, high demand, strict quality requirements, construction industry fast in recent years, many building materials in short supply, helped cement gypsum powder production in order to meet market demand, more in concrete. Building industry on gypsum powder dosage big, and range wide, this has not what commercial confidential, but gypsum powder in medicine aspects of status is not alternative of, in pharmacological, and TCM, and clinical, dosage not like building materials so of big, but practical value also not small, most common of is surgical common fixed body a parts key of gypsum board has; in addition, also has mold processing, and indoor crafts, also has not small of using volume.

Along with scientific and technological innovation and development, practical value in little development of gypsum, modern milling technology, it also requires the continuous improvement of technology, grinding out a higher quality gypsum powder to, Raymond mill development history, from the earliest mill, after several generations of changes until now European version of hot mill, it is the embodiment of truth.