Honorary Award For Contribution To International Trade And Disaster Relief

Last Sunday, Our company attended the annual party of Hebei Chamber of E-Commerce.

Many companies took part in this annual party. At the beginning, we sang and danced and communicated with each other about business. During the party, we also played some little games and prize draws, so the whole atmosphere is good.

Then it became sad and peace. Because we previewed the flood disaster happened in a small town of Hebei province in July 2016. So many houses and road destroyed, so many people died and injured. The damage is so big that we feel sorry for this event.

At that time, we rescued disaster area and rebuilt their home with one heart and one mind. The chamber of commerce donated water and food for local people to help them get through this difficult time. Our company is one of the contributors who helped for this event.

The chamber of commerce awarded the contributors with credentials. We are awarded with honorary credential for donation and hard work for fighting flood and disaster relief.

In fact, no matter awarded or not, we are really happy for helping others getting through difficulties. 

Not only for disaster relief award, but also for our company's contribution to the International trade for chamber of commerce. Our manager Candy is open and progressive and have courage to be the leader to extend the Africa market. 

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,ltd will get stronger and stronger. And we will export our maize and wheat flour milling machines to the whole Africa and even all over the world!