MICA-MICA Powder Mill Grinding Equipment

The machine of wind selected air is in wind machine-mill shell-cyclone separation device-wind machine within cycle flow job of, so than high-speed centrifugal mill dust less, operation workshop clean, and environment no pollution, products function full, can crushed needle-like material, crushed process no temperature rose, for Yu hot sensitive sex material of crushed, can on sintering reunion Super fine material for beat job, grain degrees recovery rate up 100%, has particles plastic function, effective improve stacked density, can crushed fibrous tissue of material, also has drying have function.

The machine consists of the host, fine analyzing machine, blower, finished a cyclone, bag filter powder and joins the wind pipe. According to user needs can be equipped with a crusher, Elevator, storage silo, electromagnetic vibration feeder and electrical control cabinets and other auxiliary equipment. In host in the, mill roll Assembly through cross Dan axis hanging in mill roll hanging frame Shang, mill roll hanging frame and spindle and the shovel turret fixed contact, pressure spring pressure in mill roll bearing room of hanging arm outside end surface Shang, to cross Dan axis for Fulcrum forced mill roll tightly pressure in mill ring within round surface Shang, dang motor through drive device led spindle turned Shi, loaded in shovel turret Shang of shovel knife and mill roll synchronization rotating, mill roll in mill ring within round scroll of while around itself axis rotation. Motor with gear-driven analysis of impeller rotate impeller speed higher, elected more fine.