MICA Powder Mill And Mill What Are The Advantages Of The Other.

1. scope, MICA mill compared with pneumatic mill.
2, compared to the MICA mill mill grinding roller pressure spring pressure of the material provided under the action 800---1200Kg. Energy-saving, under the same output and fineness, its energy consumption is only one-third of the Jet mill.
3, low investment, high efficiency under the same output and fineness, its price is only one-eighth of the Jet mill.
4, less production, compared with pneumatic mill powder mill, Jet mill 20mm must be crushing to 100 orders can be processed into powder, high pressure micropowder mill direct 20mm in size, and can reach an average size; 6.5 µ m~12.5 µ m of ultra fine powder.
5, grinding device using multistage overlapping seals, sealing performance.
6, dust in the mill dedusting fully meet the State discharge standards.