Mills Is A Catch In It Is Walnut Seed Powder

Lian du Bureau, city industrial and commercial Bureau received consumer reports said famous trade fair at the city sports center, bought a bag of freshly ground Walnut powder, to return home, only to find that the buy back is a bag of seed powder, suspected were switched by businesses.

Upon receipt of the report, Commerce, law enforcement officials quickly came to the trade fair site. In booth's shop at 48th, law enforcement officers discovered its sells walnuts powder not only 4 pounds only 100 Yuan, plus get 1 kg black sesame powder. In the market, walnuts are sold only thirty or forty Yuan a kilo, so prices are very attractive, businesses are losing money trading? See something, Commerce, law enforcement officials opened the machine, hidden inside organs.

Split solutions Hou of grind mill machine within has two root pipe, a root pipe is to consumers can saw of raw materials entrance, Walnut ren was plug in Hou, along this root pipe directly into to machine below hidden of a baskets in the, and originally "Walnut powder" of export and even then addition a root pipe, this root pipe of end using air pump will cassette in of seeds powder Guide to export. Businesses with this switch.

Through such a "head fake" business Leng sold cheap seed powder per kg price of 25 Yuan.

This genuine consumer fraud case, law enforcement officials seized the sales booth, fraud machine was temporarily, and will sponsor and stall operators to carry out the investigation.

End of the year, various marketing activities increase, when reporters remind consumers fair consumer must also keep an eye out, is not cheap.