Old Hand Corn Mill

This message (reporter Zhang liming correspondent Zou Ninghao) yesterday 10:15 A.M., Yan Zhen ren Lu in Pujiang County in the 72nd, an old man accidentally hand corn mill.

When the firemen arrived, the old man sweating, whose right hand was stuck in the export of corn mill wheel, mangled. Firefighters used portable cutting machine for cutting, then used crowbars and other tools roll axis. After 30 minutes, the old man's right hand out successfully, on-site medical staff immediately rushed to hospital for treatment for the elderly.

It is understood that when the accident happened, corn grinder is working. He saw there a little corn flour on the shelf, in order to be a little more income, and dragged down corn flour. He turned off the machine immediately and will hand in to pull, and stuck his right hand. "Just closes the internal operation of the machine, can't turn off the power immediately to stop, even if the machines shut down after a period of time and then to pull, maybe hand will not be stuck. "One of the crowd said.