Pour Walnuts Into The Mill Out Of What Is Cornmeal?

The morning of April 29, a more than 70-year old man carrying two bags into the shapingba district police station. Old man in sand street market to buy a few packs of Walnut nutrition powder and suspected fake, worry about poisoning your family good health.

Police found a green cloth bag containing a bag of powder, labeled "Black Gold Partner", 183 on opening telephone hotline service. Old man says, just back from the markets spend 100 Yuan for nutrition powder, "always felt wrong. "Yang Yongdong, Deputy Director decided to take police to the scene to see it.

Sha Street Market Hall, a square of makeshift shelters, two men, more than 30 were to operate the machine, over more than 20 elderly people are lining up to buy. A mill with about 1.5 meters high and functioning flour mill.

See police coming, one of the younger men were hurried, and another man was stopped by police, suddenly had an alarmed look. Police felt suspicious, immediately stopped Hu men back to police investigations, then run man Liu also was found.

Own bodies hidden trick

Not five minutes into the police station, Hu confessed: "in fact, primarily corn flour......"