Presentation On Lifting Platform Milling Machine

Lifting platform milling machine belonging to the universal machine, especially suitable for single and small batch production, repair and tool departments, can also be used in batches. Lifting platform milling machine used cylindrical milling cutter, round milling cutter, angle milling cutters and formed milling cutters and end mills and processing a variety of flat, bevel, grooves and other gear. Optional universal milling head, a round table, indexing head milling machine accessories, expanding the scope of and.
Knee and column milling machine originates from the earliest milling machine was created in 1818-American Whitney horizontal milling machine; for milling twist drill helical grooves, Americans in 1862, Brown created the first universal milling machine, this is the prototype of the lifting platform milling machine. In the 1920 of the 20th century emergence of semiautomatic milling machine, bench block can be used to complete the "feed-fast", or "fast-feed" Auto convert.
Workbench can be used for vertical, horizontal and vertical in-feed movement of the milling machine. Lifting platform milling machine for machining small parts of the plane, Groove, screw or forming surface, mainly in air, horizontal and vertical 3.