Safe Use In Winter Mill To Be Paid Attention T

In the winter, some ore production plant has stopped working due to bad weather, but others forced production was still working, how ore mill in cold winter safe to use?

First of all, the most basic is to boot, as mill before the start in a static state, in accordance with the provisions of each part of the boot sequence, first open the elevator, then start crushing cavity, analytical engine, blower, and hosts, and finally start the feeder, and then add items to.

Followed by the mill outages, supply of material must be stopped before the mill shut down, crushing Chamber can be closed after processing all the items in feeders, around feeders stopped working after about a minute you can shut down the host.

Last note is that in the winter, due to bad weather, mills are prone to rust, once the rust will certainly affect the normal operation of the mill, so often to check and maintain the mill, regularly add lubricating oil, preventing the mill to rust.

Milling machine for the job in the winter than any other season some times check in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, affecting the normal operation of the mill.