Spring Dragon Festival In China

Spring Dragon Festival

Spring Dragon Festival in China

In February second, also known as the "Spring Festival", "farming Festival", "Spring Dragon Festival", is China traditional folk festivals. Dragon rise is every year, in the 2th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the legend of the dragon is the rise of the day, it is a traditional festival in China's urban and rural areas. To celebrate the "Dragon Festival", to respect the Dragon Kings, let the old Paul harvest.. In February two, the legend is the birthday of Wang yao. In the south, such as Hakka area, land is the father-in-law's birthday, "said land, land for birth" to "warm life", in some places have held "land" custom: every chipped in for the land of God birthday, to the temple incense worship, Gong drums, firecrackers. At the same time, the northern regions have to eat meat during the holiday season, barber PigHead (cut "leading" custom).

Traditional Festival

The rise of the dragon, "the 2th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, commonly known as the Dragon Festival, the legend is the rise of the dragon day, it is a traditional Chinese rural festivals, called" the leading festival". As the saying goes: "in February two, the rise of the dragon, we make small cattle." At this time, Yang picked up the spring thaw, the beginning is plowing as dung. The legend of this festival originated in the first period of San Fu's. Fu's "Nongsang, Wu farming, every year in February two that day," Queen Mother meal, the pro farming ", take care of a third of an acre. Later, Tang Yao, Yu Shun, Xia Yu, the Yellow Emperor imitate kings. To the Zhou Dynasty, not only follow this tradition, but also as an important policy to implement. In early February two, held a grand ceremony, let Wenwubaiguan are pro farming an acre, this is the leading section of the legend. Wu Zetian also said that Tang Lizhou provoked waste emperor, the Jade Emperor was furious, ordered the Dragon King three year without rain. Dragon bear suffering, secretly drop heavy rain. The jade emperor that will hit the Dragon King Temple, in the mountains under pressure, sense of commom people Longwang rainfall deep well, every day to pray, finally touched the Jade Emperor, the Dragon King will release in early February two, then there is a "in February two, the rise of the Dragon". Is actually the past rural water conditions are poor, farmers attach great importance to the spring, celebrate "Dragon Festival", to respect the Dragon Kings, let God bless the harvest, from the desire is good, so the "Dragon Festival" has spread!

Solar Term

The formation of the rise in the early February, also related to the physical geography. At the beginning of the February 2-emergence Festival, is popular in the north area (southern water, less land, the more popular offerings to land the land). The northern area of perennial drought, shortage of surface water resources, and subsistence agriculture is a big problem, boiling water, pests and diseases of crops is also so, people pray for rain and destroy the vermin, psychological refracts into daily beliefs at the beginning of February two, the rise of the Dragon Festival for people will it is particularly important to rely on the worship of the Dragon fierce drive Najib, sustenance of people yearning for a better life, God bless the world peace, human and livestock, produce good harvests. The rise of the dragon that snakes and dragons to wash clothes, wash away the bad luck. Another saying: at the beginning of February two, the rise of the Dragon legend, at the beginning of February two is the day of the birth of huangdi. The beginning of February two, the Dragon King in the legend of the sky rain up. Means that in the future the rain will be more up, is conducive to farming. One is the Dragon King because of missing the lost daughter, so always in the 2th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar this day from the bottom up, looking at the loss of her daughter's direction, to send thoughts.

Festival Custom

Gong Hua Shi "leading festival festival, full of dragon worship ideas, and that the Dragon line rain water, decided to harvest crops, absolutely not to offend. In this morning, people to the worship of Nianzi, legend is the incarnation of Qinglong nianzi. Some also rolls up, "said the rise of the dragon", with dignified, auspicious. "If women avoid needle pierced blind longan"; no mill, no rice, no carts, afraid of "broken dragon waist and tail".

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