Team Learning Trip To Our Flour Milling Machinery Factory

Team Learning Trip To Our Flour Milling Machinery Factory

Last week, we sale team went back from office to our machinery factory to take a lerning trip. 

Because our flour milling machinery factory is a little far from our office, we set off at a early time. After two hours driving time, we arrived at factory at about 10 am.

Then we started learning immediately.

First we went to visit the warehouse where placed the spare parts and equipments and flour milling machines. 

Our teacher--experienced and professional engineer Mr. Huang taught us. From the main spare parts to the main equipments to the whole set of maize milling flour production line, he descriped and explained very clearly to make sure we all understand. We also listened and took notes carefully.

During the learning time, we met two clients from Ethiopia inspecting our facotry. They want to buy a wheat flour milling machine from us. Later, after visiting factory and negociating, they finally signed contract with us.

After visiting the warehouese, we went to the workshop. There are many workers working on machine parts.

About two hours learning, we finised and it's time to eat lunch. 

After eating lunch, we took a little rest and then got back to office to organize notes and photos.

Although it was very cold that day, we still very happy to take that team learning trip. Because we do learn a lot and know much more about our machines. And that is what a professional team should have.