What Are Micro-grinding To Do Before You Install

Powder mill is a mill in the country on the basis of existing technologies to introduce Germany advanced production technology research and development and production of a flour mill, currently the micro-grinding very few suppliers. Micro-grinding application, low hardness in Mohs hardness ≤ 6 non-inflammable and explosive brittle material of ultra-fine powder processing, processed fine granularity of finished products between 325-2500 mesh adjustable.

Powder mill of particulars and in order to extend the life, micro grinding some preparatory work remains to be done before the installation, Shanghai keliruike to summarize below.

1, micro grinding installation if it is not delivered to the site, shall be kept properly, on exposed surfaces shall be coated with grease, and avoiding Sun and rain-proof in case of body rust water, to establish a maintenance of the system.

2, workshop and Foundation should be based on the underlying dimensions should have enough height and location of the installation, mills should be based on the use of high grade cement and steel buried water based, and buried Threading pipe or cable channel. When the cement Foundation poured, must have 15 days to recover.

3, should be equipped with 8~12 tons of lifting tools, for installation and maintenance.

4, mill from factory to use for more than 6 months, central axis of the host system. Gear, roller devices, analysis of machine oil washing check, add enough components after cleaning check the lubricating grease.